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Skootr FinSave offers unique leasing solutions that reduce the financial burden and allow end-users to enjoy premium fitouts without worrying about CAPEX and Cost optimization. Our methods redefine the conventional structures to upgrade the workspace experience with world-class interiors, host of amenities & value added services conducive to inspiration and productivity.

Fit-out Leasing

Leasing fit-out offers lucrative tax benefits as payments are 100 percent tax-deductible. Instead of investing all resources into the interiors, leasing helps in releasing capital to be spent on other aspects of business. This lets the client invest in business growth and development.

Technology Leasing

Leasing technology can help to grow your business. You can reduce equipment cost through leasing rather than buying. We provide you with high quality expertise in leasing technology and managing your assets. We understand how complex it can be to create and maintain assets for business needs. Therefore, we help you to finance of equipment’s, source right technology and disposal of assets.

Sale and Lease Back

Taking over the depreciating assets, we buy the currently owned assets and lease them as a customized solution. This allows direct cash influx enabling you to focus on the core business without displacement from existing workspace. This drives benefit of tax advantage as rental payments under the lease are fully deductible.

Asset Lifecycle Solutions

Skootr FinSave offers end of term disposal for various asset classes by purchasing the long-term assets of the company and ensuring that the profitability is retained even towards the end of asset – lifespan. You can outsource all asset related issues, such as asset tagging, MIS, disposal of asset, inventory churning & residuary risk management, to us.


Zero Investment

Owning, updating or maintaining physical assets without investing

One-Stop Solution

Partnering with us to make leasing journey seamless

Save Time

Team of experts help you get your office setup done faster

Balanced Finances

Invest in your core business activities and priorities

Optimising Your Spaces

Enhance the aesthetics with a balanced outlook without owning them.

Tax Saver

Enjoy Tax Arbitrage by optimising the expenses.

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